Wishwands will ship out in December, just in time for Christmas!


💫🌟NEW WISHWAND!!!🌟💫Finally!!! A solution to blowing out candles on a birthday cake! AND every extinguished candle improves the chance that your wish comes true! How does that work?🤔 It's magic silly!😁🌟💫
💫🌟Each wand is hand crafted with rainbow crystals! AND every single wand comes with a SURPRISE attachable charm! Wand handle is approx. 9"-10" in length.  Choose your handle style!!  Choose from black, silver or shiny iridescent!🌟💫
🌟💫Throwing a birthday gathering? You'll definitely need one of these! NOT throwing a birthday gathering, but attending your niece's, nephew's, grandchild's, neighbor's party? Be sure to bring one of these! (So you can get a, ha hem, safe piece of cake.🙃🤣)

💫🌟Ships in December, in time for Christmas.  Final Ship date TBA.  

  • Please allow for natural variations from photos. Every item is crafted by hand.  Our skilled wandmakers use various colors of wires & various sizes of rainbow crystals for a truly unique wand. 

  • Each Wishwand comes with it's own surprise charm!  Find your charm meaning on the charm page.

Handle Style