The New Wish Tradition

Less and less kiddos are getting to blow out their birthday candles which means NO BIRTHDAY WISH!  And if they do blow out the candles... well... party guests might not be too keen on eating that gorgeous, delicious cake you've ordered.  

Our current 2020 predicament has placed us with a great opportunity to IMPROVE the old way of making a birthday wish!  We've decided to make it even more magical!  Make it super special!!!  Make it a REAL moment!  We want to really make that birthday wish count!

Did you know that with each extinguished candle, the guest of honor gets even more chances that their wish comes true?!*  How does that make sense??? It's magic silly!

EVERY Wishwand comes wrapped in pretty tissue, includes information on how to make that birthday wish count, AND includes a SURPRISE attachable charm!  Each wand is hand crafted in Hattiesburg, MS, for a unique, whimsical look!

*These statements have not been regulated by the magical committee to enforce birthday wishes. Being a good person, angling your feet just right, the amount of smiles by the honoree, how the wind blows, the specific wish, how many toads, butterflies and dandelions were seen on the celebrants actual date of birth, the position of the moon at the time of candle extinguishing and the cost of eggs in China are just a small smattering of things that might effect the coming true of birthday wishes.  Individual results will vary.

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